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Valet Parking for

Hospitals & Health care

When visiting a loved one or rushing an ailing patient to the emergency room, the last thing your guests want to think about is parking. Choose Kaua'i Valet Parking Services for convenient and reliable hospital parking solutions.

Whether it is assisting with baggage and directions or helping a new mother into her vehicle, Kaua'i Valet takes pride in offering your patients and guests the very best care and service possible. Specialized training equips our professional valets to meet the unique parking needs of health care institutions.


Our healthcare parking services include


  • Valet parking

  • Greeter

  • Wheelchair assistant

  • Guest services

  • Patient & staff shuttle services

  • Parking management services


Specialized hospital valet training


Kaua'i Valet hospital valets and parking attendants undergo specialized training to ensure they maintain the high standards of visitor care and confidentiality. Our health care valets are held to the JCAHO and HIPAA standards addressed in their training.

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