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Hotel Valet Parking & Management

Valet Services

The valet service is the first guest service experience your hotel guests will encounter. Kaua'i Valet continually sets the industry standard for excellence in guest service, and consistently strives to provide an exceptional guest service experience.


Parking Management

Kauai Valet has developed and refined the most efficient and streamlined company structure in the industry; to capture all existing revenues, while constantly improving our methods towards producing “new” revenues.  Our Automated parking systems are innovative to include a cashless environment for monthly and daily parkers. 


Bell Services

Kaua'i Valet understands our clients and their guests’ needs and expectations. Our staff assigned to bell services are trained to understand the importance of exceeding guests’ expectations from the moment they arrive at the hotel door until they enter their room. These first interactions form the guests’ first impressions of the hotel. Training is completed in our classroom, and we urge our hotel client partners to allow our staff to add specific training that clearly demonstrates the individual hotel’s standards. The synergy between our valet and bell staff promotes superior guest service and a stronger bottom line through the reduction of labor duplications. 


Door Service

For hotels require door service, once again, aua'i Valet  can meet and exceed expectations for this added level of service. While we train all employees to deliver an exemplary welcome to guests on arrival, we incorporate custom training specific to different hotel brands. Our clients find that including door service in the front of house operations reduces unnecessary labor costs. 

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